Is it safe for your car?

Drivetronics is a retrofit specifically designed for the i10 and new Santro, thus it is rated for the exact load of the wiper motor of these models. Drivetronics needs no wiring or modifications, so it is totally safe.

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Some common questions & concerns answered.

Will my warranty lapse if I install this switch?
No, There is no reason why your warranty should become void (if your car is in warranty period) by installing Drivetronics , because there is no modification of any kind done while installing it. When you install a music system which is made by a third party the warranty does not lapse, this is exactly similar.
Does it have any automotive certification?
Yes, all the electronic components are AEC-Q-101 qualified. AEC (Automotive Electronics Council, USA) is the world famous non-profit organization dedicated to automotive electronics research and quality control. It is recognized by all the major auto manufacturers’ world over.
Can I return the switch if i am not satisfied?
Yes, we have a no questions asked return policy; you can return the switch within the period of 15days from the date of purchase, if you are not satisfied. You shall receive the full refund if you do choose to opt for return.
Is it made from cheap chinese electronic components?
No, Drivetronics switch is made from high quality electronic components manufactured by Panasonic Corporation, Japan. We buy all the components directly from Panasonic and assemble them using world- class pick and place robotic facilities for the assembly of the electronic components.
Does it have any warranty?
Yes, Drivetronics switch has a 2 year warranty. We will repair or replace it free of cost within the warranty period.